Fact Studio Team

Established in 2016

FactStudio is the effect of a successful cooperation with various companies.
3D Visualization is a key to have the identical result as what you have in your mind. This is not just a method to show what you should wait for; also, it is a way of giving life to all imaginations and conceptions to understand the weak and strength points of a plan. We use all our potentials like static 3D illustrations, 3D animations, 360° panorama or virtual walks to meet your expectations. . Fact Studio has brought many experts together from all around the world who are professionals in interior and exterior designing, architecture, constructions, housing development, landscape architecture, spatial planning and furniture production whom you can benefit from all obtained experiences by just asking.

We look forward to bringing your dream to life.

Hadi Khakpouri


Our mission is special and attractive present of architects design and works. 3D architectural renderings are part of the luxury content produced in the broad field of architecture.


Providing high quality rendering and attention to detail of different parts of a project can show the capabilities of the architect in his proposed designs, and our priority is trying  to bring the architect’s idea closer to the viewer.